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Corporate Global Executive


Pearl Zhu is an innovative "Corporate Global Executive" with more than twenty-one years of technical and business working experience in strategic planning, Information Technology, software development, e-commerce, and international trading, etc.  Executive Profile 

Digital Visionary


Pearl is a digital visionary who can capture business insight and perceive digital leadership and management philosophy from multi-dimensional lenses and global perspectives. Executive Profile Presentation.



Pearl’s cross-industrial, cross-functional and cross-cultural backgrounds make her natural strategic and creative thinker, always see the other side of the coin, also inspire her to observe deeper and broader with the fresh eyes and open mind, to be an innovator.

Change Agent


Pearl is a change agent who continues to transform herself from an engineer to an entrepreneur to a digital visioneer. She is a forward-thinking digital leader who advocates continuous improvement and cultural evolution.

Author of "Digital Master”

“Digital Master” is the series of guidebooks (25+ books) to perceive the multi-faceted impact digita

Digital Master” is the series of guidebooks (25+ books) to perceive the multi-faceted impact digital is making to the businesses and society, help forward-thinking organizations navigate through the journey in a systematic way, and avoid “rogue digital.”

CIO.COM Columnist


Digital CIOs play the provocative, sophisticated and innovative role in the digital business future orientation which is the ability to identify, interpret, and lead change in the dynamic business environment.

Digital Executive Portraits

Daily Blogger


Pearl is a prolific blogger who creates a professional and popular blog: "Future of CIO," which has reached the 5000+ posting milestones and  2.8 million views from the worldwide audience.



We still live in the era in which information is rich and insight is poor. The more gaps a leader can bridge, the more significant influence she or he can make. 

Thought Leader


As a verb, Thought Leadership can be best offered as a state of mind. Thought Leadership is the ability to assimilate knowledge, to think with knowledge, but transcends to insight and wisdom.



The entrepreneurship is to look for changes, deploy it as an opportunity. 

We are all inspired and motivated by many things - excellence, achievement, recognition, self-discovery, and learning experience.



The term digital " THINKINGAIRES" refers to the talented digital leaders and professionals who continue to create new ideas, to practice thought leadership, and to bring the world both content richness and context intelligence

Life Learner

learning, life learner

Learning is a way to keep our mind flow, hence our life flow. Because when we stop learning, we are stagnant. Digital leaders are life-long learners with a thirst for knowledge, insight, and wisdom.

Digital Executive Portraits



The futurist digital leaders can predict the emergent trends which can shape the behavior of future enterprises, prepare people for the digital new normal to recognize increasing collective consciousness, in order to drive the seamless digital transformation.

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mentor, coach

Great leadership includes mentoring capability, and an excellent mentorship is both art and science. To improve leadership maturity, digital leaders should transform their leadership style from “command & control” to coaching and mentoring.

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outlier, out of the box thinking

Great ideas only happen outside of the usual restraints. Outliers are expected to constantly propose new ideas, challenge the status quo and make creative communication. 

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Creative Problem-Solver

problem solving

There is as much creative thinking that goes into problem identification as solution discovery. Creative problem-solvers have the ability to reframe the circumstances or conditions around a problem and solve it creatively.

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Digital Rule-Maker

rule making, principle, policy

Digital leaders today are supposed to be the guiding force in the enterprise, envisioning and leading the business towards its future, make the good policies or set digital principles to drive changes and lead digital paradigm shift.

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simplicity, simplexity, simple

Logically, simplifying the complicated thing is an optimal and smart choice either for running the business or solving a problem. "Less is more."

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