Digital Master Book Series

Digital Master Series

digitalization, digital leadership

Digital Master” is the series of guidebooks (25+ books) to perceive the multi-faceted impact digital is making to the businesses and society, help forward-thinking organizations navigate through the journey in a systematic way, and avoid “rogue digital.” 

CIO Master

CIO leadership

The purpose of "CIO Master - Unleash the Digital Potential of IT " is to provide guidelines for building a framework to run a highly effective, highly innovative and highly mature digital IT organization. Also, it provides the principles to reinvent CIO leadership via practicing multitudes of digital influence.

Unpuzzling Innovation


The purpose of “Unpuzzling Innovation - Mastering Innovation Management in a Structural Way“ is to demystify innovation puzzle in a structural way. Innovation is the process which can be classified scientifically and managed dynamically. 

Digitizing Boardroom

digitizing boardroom

The main purpose of the book “Digitizing Boardrooms -The Multifaceted Aspects of Digital Ready Board” is to envision the future of directorship with twenty-three digital boardroom themes; oversee business strategies with digital fluidity, digital mindset, and contextual intelligence, and make policies and effective decisions on transforming boards from conformance to performance driven.


digital mindset, thinking

THINKINGAIRE” is the guidebook to help digital leaders and professionals understand and cultivate digital thinking mindsets to compete for the future.The term digital " THINKINGAIRES" we advocate in this book refers to the talented digital leaders and professionals who continue to create new ideas, to practice thought leadership, and to bring the world both content richness and context intelligence.

Change Insight

change insight, change management

Change Management is always challenging with a high percentage of failure rate. Indeed, change is difficult. Some say change is not a problem, the primary reason for change failure. The purpose of the book “Change Insight” is to dig deeper to analyze the psychology behind changes and handle problems and changes at the level of the mindset to explore people-centric change management philosophy and practices.


The "Digital Master" Book Series Introduction

Digital Master Book Series

problem-solving, digitalization, creativity

The purpose of “Problem-Solving Master - Frame Problems Systematically and Solve Problems Creatively“ is to throw some light on how to understand, frame, and solve today’s multilayer, interdependent, and over-complex business problems effortlessly. 

cio leadership, digital leadership, innovation, CIO

The purpose of "CIO Master - Unleash the Digital Potential of IT " is to provide guidelines for building a framework to run a highly effective, highly innovative and highly mature digital IT organization. Also, it provides the principles to reinvent CIO leadership via practicing multitudes of digital influence.

creativity, innovation, ingredient

 The purpose of “100 Creativity Ingredients - Everyone’s Playbook to Unlock Creativity “is to classify, scrutinize, articulate, and share insight about one hundred special creativity ingredients, to paint the picture with them, to add colors on them, to embed the music into them, and to make the story via them, in order to unleash our collective creativity potential. 

digital principles, rules

The purpose of “100 Digital Rules: Setting Guidelines to Explore Digital New Normal “ is to establish digital principles and update business policies that can be applied holistically and guide the digital transformation systematically. 

digital gap, gap

Digital Gaps -Bridging Multiple Gaps to Run Cohesive Business” is a guidebook to help digital leaders and professionals today identify, analyze, and mind multiple gaps via multidisciplinary insight and holistic understanding. 

leadership, digital leader, innovation

The purpose of "Leadership Master - 

Five Digital Trends to Leap Leadership Maturity" is to convey the vision of digital leadership, share the insight about leadership maturity, and summarize five emergent digital leadership trend


The "Digital Master" Book Series Slideshow

Digital Master Book Series

IT innovation, innovation, creativity

The purpose of “IT innovation - Reinvent IT for the Digital Age” is to help business and IT leaders and digital professionals ride above the learning curve, reinvent IT as an innovation hub. and game changer; reimagine IT as an innovation outlier.

digitalization, boardroom, innovation

The purpose of the book “Digital Boardroom: 100 Q&As “is to share 100 insightful questions for rejuvenating the boardroom to get digital ready. It is important for boards to make invaluable inquiries and take proactive approaches for leading digital transformation seamlessly. 

digital capability, digitalization, capability

The purpose of the book “Digital Capability-Building Lego-Like Capabilities into Core Business Competency “ is to provide an insightful understanding of assessing, developing, and managing organizational capabilities in a structural way. 

digital IT, information technology, digitalization

The purpose of “Digital IT-100 Q&As “ is to summarize 100+ classic and emergent digital debates about digital IT leadership and management, brainstorm how to run a holistic digital business from multidimensional lens, share digital holism and strategic insight, and keep IT digital fit.

digitalization, fit

The purpose of “Digital Fit: Manifest Future of Business with Multidimensional Fit“ is to share insight about multidimensional enterprise fit from digital characteristics, organizational structure, change, knowledge, and talent perspectives;  and build a fitting working environment to inspire creativity and accelerate digital transformation.

performance, digitalization

The purpose of the book “Performance Master:Take a Holistic Approach to Unlock Digital Performance “is to provide an in-depth understanding and share unique insight about how to take a holistic approach to measuring and managing enterprise digital performance.


The "CIO Master" Book Introduction

Digital Master Book Series

digitalization, hybridity

The purpose of the book “Digital Hybridity: How to Strike the Right Balance for Digital Paradigm Shift” is to shed some light on how to strike the right balance of stability and changes; being transactional to keep spinning and being transformational to leap forward for making a seamless digital paradigm shift.

agility, digitalization

The purpose of the book “Digital Agility” is to share the insight about agile philosophy and mindsets, clarify a set of agile principles and disciplines, and develop the best and next agile practices to scale up.
Describe potential agile pitfalls and how to prevent them

decision, digitalization

Decision Master” is the guidebook to perceive digital mindsets with multidimensional decision intelligence, define a set of decision-making principles, articulate potential pitfalls in decision-making scenario, describe digital decision-making styles, summarize the important elements in building the decision-making capability and taking stepwise steps to achieve decision maturity.

maturity, digitalization

The purpose of the book “" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Digital Maturity: Take a Journey of a
Thousand Miles from Functioning to Delight” is to envision the future
of the business, articulate the very characteristics of digital
organizations; reimagine the interdisciplinary and hyperconnected
digital ecosystem;

pitfall, digitalization

The purpose of “100 Digital Pitfalls: How to Overcome Pitfalls on the Path of Going Digital” is to throw some light on how to identify, understand, and overcome common pitfalls on the digital journey, dig underneath the surface, and take a holistic approach to integrate both hard and soft elements for improving the long-term organizational competency and reaching the high-level of business maturity.

leadership, wisdom, digital valley

The purpose of "Digital Valley - Five Pearls of Wisdom to Make Profound Influence" is to guide digital leaders and professionals to understand the multidimensional digital wisdom in making fair judgments and sound decisions on the daily basis, also, inspire them to make a profound positive influence on both professional career and personal life.

Book Review


The "Digital Master" Book Review

Pearl’s broad knowledge and perspective make her innovative contribution more accessible. Digital business is not exactly what I’m doing, but the insights in her work have broader applications. 

Her knowledge of the particular management challenges facing all levels of business in the digital era is encyclopedic and the respect that she shows for a holistic perspective on the challenges facing all of our cultures lays bare the kind of overarching impact the activities of humanity have on the natural world, as well as the digital.

-Jame Dodd

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Great Books to Lead Digital !

Pearl Zhu know what she's talking (or writing) about when it comes to all matters digital. But perhaps even more importantly, she conveys her know-how to readers of Digital Master in words that readers can understand. One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to comprehend what she's talking about.

Thanks to her years of experience in IT ands related subjects, Pearl's book covers all aspects of the impact of the rapidly moving digital revolution, as well as its impact on businesses large and small, and on society. Her use of acronyms to spell out and clarify various areas of the subject is particularly clever and useful.

It's not often that a book on such a weighty subject can be so readable. but Pearl has succeeded in doing so with Digital Master.  

-Arnald Friedman

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Excellent Guide Books to Drive Changes

The digital culture is fast, it's furious, and it's unforgiving;  especially to those who lag behind: and by 'lag' I mean by as little as months.

It holds great potentials and great cautions, it is unfair to seniors and those without the aptitude or finances to keep up with rapidly-changing digital trends, and it requires of its users (especially those involved in business) a strategic vision that demands innovation and flexibility.

Digital Master is a business guide that takes this culture and its requirements and applies them in a manner different from most linear assessments of either culture or business pursuits, blending the two perspectives to consider not just the changing environments and rapidity of digital pursuits, but how new strategic vision and problem-solving capabilities may evolve from digital emphasis on traditional business processes.

- Diane Donovan Midwest Book Review